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Get My Score FAQ
In partnership with Fair Isaac Corporation, the company who calculates the popular FICO score, What’s My Score? is offering FREE credit scores on select college campuses (retail price $14.95). If you have a promotional code from your school, follow these steps to get your free score .

Your FICO credit score evaluates how you’ve repaid credit in the past so it can predict how likely you are to repay creditors in the future. While there are other types of credit scores, the FICO score is by far the most widely used. With your FICO score, you also will get a detailed score explanation from the score’s inventor plus your complete credit report from one credit bureau.

5 quick steps to getting your credit score

1. Click on Get My Score and follow prompts for free scores . A new window will open where you can enter your voucher code. Then click Redeem.

2. Select the credit bureau that you want to calculate your FICO score.

Insiders Tip : While credit information is usually reported to all credit bureaus, the one closest to you geographically may have more information on your credit history (TransUnion is in Chicago, Experian is in Los Angeles, and Equifax is in Atlanta).

3. Fill in your identifying information with your billing address (probably your home address). Ignore the question at the bottom of the page, “Do you have a promotional or gift code?” since you already have entered your voucher code.

4. Answer identifying questions, and
don’t guess ! You only have one chance to prove your identity online (otherwise, you’ll have to call in with the provided 800 number). Gather documentation for all of your loans (student, auto, etc.) to ensure you can answer the questions correctly.

Insiders Tip
: in some cases, “none of the above” is the correct response (like if it asks you about a mortgage and you don’t have one).

5. Click on “View Your Purchase” button to see your score! Remember to log out when you’re finished.

What do I need to get my score?
To be sure your credit information is shared with no one but you, the web site will require you to prove your identity. Be sure you have this information ready:
Your billing/home address
Your home phone number
Your Social Security Number
Your date of birth

Do I have a FICO score?
In order to have a FICO score, you must first have at least one credit account or loan older than six months. Any of these would qualify:
Credit card from a bank (such as VISA or MasterCard)
Gas company credit card (such as Chevron or Shell)
Retail store credit card (such as Macy’s or Sears)
Student loan
Car loan
Being an authorized user on your parents’ credit card
The final catch : your creditor must have reported your account information to the credit bureau, something nearly all creditors do these days.

I answered one of the security questions wrong. Can I still get my score?
To be sure your credit information is shared with no one but you, the web site will require you to prove your identity. However, if you answer a question incorrectly, the website will provide you with a 800 number to call in to verify your identity. Your score will still be free – just make sure to hold on to your promotional code in case they ask for it.

One of the security questions asked me about a mortgage and I don’t have one. Does this mean that thinks I’m the wrong person, or am I a victim of identity theft?
To be sure your credit information is shared with no one but you, the web site will require you to prove your identity. In many cases, “none of the above” is the correct response to at least one of these questions. So, if you don’t have a mortgage, loan, or credit card that it asks you about, don’t be afraid to answer “none of the above”. After you get your score, you can also check your credit report. It is always a good idea to check it regularly to ensure that your information is correct and you are not a victim of identity theft.

What if I don’t have a FICO score?
Instead of your FICO Standard report, you might instead get an online message like this: “We regret that we cannot provide you with your FICO score report because your report at (credit bureau you selected) does not meet the minimum scoring criteria.”

If this happens, you may want to try ordering your FICO Standard report from one of the other credit bureaus. To do this, return to the FICO Standard purchase page and choose the desired bureau. Your promotional code hasn’t been used yet so type it in again and continue with the order process.

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